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Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Versions Now Released!

How to Organize a Virtual Book Tour is now available in paperback, Kindle, and Barnes & Noble Nook Book with an attractive new cover!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

How to Organize a Virtual Book Tour

How to Organize a Virtual Book Tour E-Book

With the tremendous success authors have seen with the newest marketing idea since door-to-door sales began, virtual book tours seem to be proving to supersede all other forms of book promotion.

Unfortunately, virtual book tour agencies are extremely expensive and most authors just don’t have that kind of financial resource available to them to promote their books. Authors could spend as much as $3,000.00 to have an agency set up a virtual tour for them. So if we authors can’t afford those rates, what’s the answer?

How about setting up your own tour? What may seem complicated at first glance is really quite a simple process. How to Organize a Virtual Book Tour walks the author through a well-explained and easy method of making contacts and arranging your tour. In a step-by-step manner, you will learn:

*How to connect with experts in your genre
*Where and how to schedule your tour stops
*The most successful and free ways to promote your tour
*How to make your tour effective in selling books

The e-book includes built-in links to all the resources you’ll need as well as check lists for each part of your journey. How to Organize a Virtual Book Tour is easy to comprehend and the only resource you’ll need for the success of your own virtual book tour!

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How to Organize a Virtual Book Tour E-book is now finished and available! The really good news is that now you don’t have to spend hundreds on a virtual book tour!! I’ve decided to publish the book as an e-book to save money for me and YOU! Is $6.95 a fair price? How about a sale price today of $3.99?

The e-book includes built-in links to all the resources you’ll need as well as check lists for each part of your journey. How to Organize a Virtual Book Tour is easy to comprehend and the only resource you’ll need for the success of your own virtual book tour!

Virtual book touring is the newest proven method to sell books and it is HOT! I hope you get on board before this gets too popular and you can no longer find tour stops! Right now, if you buy the e-book and organize your tour, I’ll give you a tour stop on A Book Inside Blog (PR “almost” 4)!

At a price of $3.99, I just can’t afford paid advertizing for this publication, so the book is exclusively available through my Websites. More on the book can be seen in my Bookstore at
Best wishes to you!

How to Organize a Virtual Book Tour early REVIEWS!!!

"Times are changing and the world of writing has certainly joined this trend. Studies tell us that readers are no longer heading to physical bookstores and libraries in the numbers that we once experienced. So where are today’s readers? Online – and that is where authors, poets and writers of all genres must go if they want to survive in the publishing industry.

Carol Denbow has provided a simplified step-by-step guide on Virtual Tours that will not overwhelm those with a limited understanding of terms like “hyperlinks”, “blogosphere”, “e-zines” or “blogs”. This guide is in downloadable format as an e-book (or electronic book) and this means that people can access it easily on their own computer, whenever it is convenient.

The book begins with a description of Virtual Tours and compares them to Physical Tours in a clear and concise manner. Carol compares things like the costs of gas, hotel and conference room fees, furnishings and promotion materials along with personal skills that are involved with physical tours, with the requirements of virtual tours – internet connection, good long distance phone plan, time, organization skills and office equipment. Once the reader has a full understanding of this, the author moves on to discuss how to approach book tour stops, how to evaluate them to see if they reach the audience you are looking for, how frequent the tours should be, and how many tour stops to arrange per day during each tour.

I loved the information on how to handle questions-and-answers with grace and how to promote the tour stops. Carol also offered great information on live and archive visitors to each tour stop and discusses what the author may need to be prepared to offer – including the types and sizes of images as well as being available after the tour stop to respond to questions or comments from the visitors.

I feel that readers will certainly benefit from the Check Points – where readers are given the opportunity to evaluate their understanding of the content to that point and then offers more resources where the reader can go to for further clarification. The authors positive and encouraging closing was perfect for a book like this and readers will be pleased to find that they can access 3 pages of resources with just a click of their mouse at the end of this book."

Rating: 5-out-of-5 stars

~ Lillian Brummet: co-author of the books Trash Talk and Purple Snowflake Marketing, author of Towards Understanding; Host of both the Conscious Discussions talk radio show & the Authors Read radio program (

"Carol Denbow has taken the guesswork out of the equation in her very simple e-book filled with step-by-step information for creating your own virtual book tour on the Internet. From finding your niche blogs and inviting the blog owners to participate, to checklists and links to sites that will help you get going, Carol gives you everything you need to have a successful online tour for the mere cost of this e-book that lays it all out for you. And, I love the graphics that show exactly what she is referring to.

Professional book tours can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, but as an expert online marketer, Carol gives authors, who have more time than money, to do their own tour. This e-book is a great resource for any author willing to do the leg work. All you have to do is follow Carol’s instructions!"

Yvonne Perry
Owner of Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services,
Author of Book Marketing in the Digital Age, Online Promotion Made Easy.